Un « citoyen du monde » à travers l'Europe : G. Casanova de Seingalt

Luna Marie-Françoise. Casanova de Seingalt. L'Europe des Lumières. The exiled Venetian Giacomo Casanova de Seingalt's career as an adventurer and man of letters throughout Europe is reflected both in his Story of my Life and in other lesser-known works, in which the reader discovers the diverse Europe of courts, adventurers, artists and intellectuals. Casanova was European both by his humanistic erudition and his curiosity and Enlightened ideals. He was passionately interested in contemporary politics, in particular those of France and Poland, his adopted homelands. But he remained greatly attached to Italy and particularly Venice although he could not live there, and by his writings and his activity he played the role of a cultural and sometimes political or economic go-between between them and the rest of Europe. When he became excluded by age and by the Revolution from a Europe he no longer recognized, he wrote his memoirs in order to cling on to life by reviving his world, that of the Old Régime.

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Réception Revue de l'histoire des religions 2 Qui porte le Monde? Between and , there was a proliferation of images combining new astronomical knowledge with the older tradition of Christian cosmology. These composite learned images reveal the controversies accompanying the diffusion of new ways of seeing and representing the universe.

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Habitation Autrique. Emplacement Maison Autrique. Datation Assemblage Affiches et sérigraphies de François Schuiten. Schuiten Peeters à travers les Cités Obscures.


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